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One of the charity organisations which provides advocacy / advice / information is located at 186 Culford Road, London in N1 4Ds. It's named Barka Uk. One of this entity's most important objectives is to (a) financial hardship among migrants in the uk from poland and elsewhere ("thebeneficiary group") by providing such persons with goods and services; and(b) unemployment among the beneficiary group for public benefit in such ways asmay be thought fit including assistance to find employment . After obtaining a number 1132108, it started its activity assisting with education / training, as well as with economic / community development / employment. You can get in touch with this charity by telephone:02072757768, e-mail: barka uk@googlemail com or through the website www barkauk org. Its governing document is Memorandum and Articles Of Association Incorporated 25 April 2008. What's more a) to alleviate hardship among immigrants in the uk from poland and east european countries b) assist immigrants, who faced socio economic hardship and who want to return to their country, by providing transport and subsistence .

Organisation number 1121965 screen

Organisation number 1121965

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Charity no. 1112014

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