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One of the charity organisations which acts as an umbrella or resource body is located at African Community, Council For The Regions in Prospect Hall, 12 College Walk. It is called African Community Council For The Regions. One of this charity's most valued objectives is to 1 to address alleviate and remedy the ill health, economic deprivation, social, educational, vocational or employment disadvantage, hardship, distress, discrimination or need of african individuals and communities worldwide2 to enable, support, assist, provide and promote for the benefit of african individuals and communities and the public generally, the highest ethical principles of social and economic harmony, health and social development, social, cultural and cross cultural understanding, inclusiveness, participation and integration, the respecting and honouring of cultural diversity, fairness, transparency and collective well being both as between african individuals and communities and african and non-african individuals and communities so as to create and develop enlightened mutual understanding, respect and social cohesion and integration 3 to create, assist, support, maintain, develop and capacity build centres of excellence for african individuals and communities in need dedicated to their social, economic and health development and collective well being and to assist in individually establishing cohesive and integrated communities and developing social economic and health equalities between both individuals and communities into full integrative participation whilst acknowledging and celebrating cultural diversity. After obtaining a number 1088205, it started its activity providing support with overseas aid / famine relief, as well as with general charitable purposes. You can reach this institution by telephone:0121 4156690, e-mail: office@accr org uk or through their website www accr org uk. Its governing document is Memorandum and Articles Of Association Incorporated 5 October 2000 As Amended By Special Resolution On 27Th July 2004. In addition a umbrella membership organisation set up to help and support members of the african communities in the west midlands region .

Organisation number 1121965 screen

Organisation number 1121965

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Charity no. 1112014

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