Organisation under the control of Miss Lone Nielsen

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One of the charity organisations which makes grants to organisations is located at The Barn, Barbadoes in Tintern, Chepstow. Its name is Save The Orangutan. One of this facility's most valued goals is to 3 the objects of the charity (the "objects") are to promote and supportprojects concerning the conservation and survival of the world orang-utanpopulation and the protection of their habitat and the flora and faunawithin such habitat, including (but without limitation of the foregoing):3 1 to promote and support the projects conducted by borneoorang-utan survival foundation in indonesia ("bosf") concerningthe survival and conservation of the world orang-utan population;3 2 to promote, co-ordinate and support other institutions,organisations and societies, whether in the united kingdom orelsewhere and whether of a local or international nature establishedto promote and support the conservation projects conducted bybosf including (but not limited to) national member organisations;3 3 to encourage and promote the education and awareness of thepublic in the united kingdom and throughout the world, concerningthe conservation of the natural environment and its contributiontowards the survival of the world orang-utan population. It's governed by Miss Lone Nielsen. After receiving a number 1133204, it began its activity taking care of environment / conservation / heritage, as well as with animals. You can get in touch with this charity by phone:01291 689 759, e-mail: info@savetheorangutan org or by visiting the website www savetheorangutan org. Its governing document is Memorandum and Articles Of Association Incorporated 8 May 2009 As Amended By Certificate Of Incorporation On Change Of Name Dated 12 January 2011. What's more fundraising for the orangutan.

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