Charity number 1096583

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One of the charity organisations which provides services is situated at Yates Farm, Malswick in Newent, Gl18 1He. It is called Tom Roberts Adventure Centre Ltd . One of this facility's most important goals is to ¶to provide facilities, within a christian environment, which enable families, young people and children: -to participate in, and experience, recreational, sporting, outdoor and leisure activities with the aim of developing the mental, moral, spiritual and physical well-being of the individual and enhance their maturity and life experience to maximise their ability to be fully mature members of society regardless of financial, social, home and physical circumstances or disability ÷ . After receiving a number 1096583, it began its activity helping with general charitable purposes, as well as with recreation. You can reach this organisation by telephone:01531 822606, e-mail: contact@tracnewent org uk or by visiting their website www tracnewent org uk. Its governing document is Memorandum and Articles Of Association Incorporated On 18 June 2001 As Amended By Special Resolution 27 April 2008. Additionally provides a camping and adventure centre,both residential and non-residential, for all but in particular for youth groups, young people,families,churches users are drawn both locally,nationally and further abroad.

Organisation number 1121965 screen

Organisation number 1121965

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Charity no. 1112014

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