Charity no. 1116196

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One of the charity organisations which provides advocacy / advice / information is located at Quo Vadis Trust, Unit 12A in Gardner Industrial Estate, Kent House Lane. It is called Quo Vadis Trust. One of this organisation's most valued goals is to (3 ) the provision of supported residential accommodation people in london whose ability to self determine and to live independently may be adversely affected by stress related illness or disability and whose circumstances require relief from poverty and sickness through convalescence and respite care . After being issued with a no. 1116196, it started its activity assisting with disability, as well as with the advancement of health or saving of lives. You can get in touch with this institution by phone:02087784546, e-mail: info@qvt org uk or via their website www qvt org uk. Its governing document is Memorandum and Articles Of Association Incorporated 14 July 2006 . In addition the charity provides housing and personalised support services to individuals with stress related or mental health problems the charity works closely with health and social care agencies to provide a range of accomodation and support services users influence the development of appropriate services to meet their needs according to beliefs and preferences .

Organisation number 1121965 screen

Organisation number 1121965

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Charity no. 1112014

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