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One of the charity organisations which provides advocacy / advice / information is placed at 32-36 Loman Street, London in Se1 0Eh. It's named Rights Watch Uk. One of this facility's most valued goals is to 1) the promotion by means of education and research of the proper observance and maintenance of human rights in britain and ireland and elsewhere in the world with particular reference to the conflict in northern ireland 2) the promotion and dissemination of knowledge, information and understanding of such human rights by writing, publishing and distributing articles, reports, books and other documents and assisting in the same, by arranging and providing lectures and seminars, and by all other means of providing and exchanging information 3) to procure the abolition of torture, extrajudicial executions, and arbitrary arrest, detention and exile . After receiving a no. 1048335, it started its activity assisting with other charitable purposes, as well as with education / training. You can get in touch with this institution by phone:02079227985, e-mail: yahmed@rwuk org or through their website www rwuk org. Its governing document is Memorandum and Articles Incorporated 31/03/1993 As Amended By Certificate Of Incorporation On Change Of Name Dated 12/12/2012. What's more since 1990 we have worked to promote human rights and hold government to account, drawing upon the lessons learned from the conflict in northern ireland our interventions reflect our range of expertise, from the right to a fair trial guaranteed under article 6 to the government?s obligation to investigate under article 2 we work closely with ngos and government authorities to share expertise .

Organisation number 1121965 screen

Organisation number 1121965

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Charity no. 1112014

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