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One of the charity organisations which other charitable activities is situated at School Of Law, Queen Mary University Of London in Mile End Road, E1 4Ns. It is called The British Institute Of Human Rights. One of this facility's main goals is to to promote and advance human rights (as set out in the universal declaration of human rights and united nations conventions and declarations; the european convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms and its protocols and other european human rights treaties; inter-american and african human rights treaties; and uk domestic legislation on human rights) throughout the united kingdom and internationally by all or any of the following means: a) monitoring abuses of human rights; b) monitoring compliance with international and domestic human rights standards; c) commissioning or conducting research into human rights issues; d) producing or publishing research and other materials on human rights issues; e) educating the public about human rights; f) providing technical advice and briefings to government and others on human rights matters; g) contributing to the sound administration of human rights law; h) commenting on proposed human rights legislation and policy developments; i) raising awareness of human rights issues; j) promoting public support for human rights; k) promoting respect for human rights among individuals, corporations and public authorities; l) conducting and promoting international advocacy of human rights; m) obtaining redress for the victims of human rights abuse; n) promoting the elimination of infringements of human rights . After receiving a no. 1101575, it started its activity assisting with other charitable purposes, as well as with education / training. You can get in touch with this organisation by phone:0207 8825850, e-mail: sbowen@bihr org uk or through their website www bihr org uk. Its governing document is Memorandum and Articles Incorporated 27/11/2003 As Amended By Special Resolution Registered At Companies House On 08/11/2013. Additionally +&214;+&199;+&166; provide information and other resources +&214;+&199;+&166; develop and deliver training and consultancy +&214;+&199;+&166; lead and/or collaborate on demonstration and pilot projects across the voluntary and community and public sectors +&214;+&199;+&166; undertake research and policy analysis +&214;+&199;+&166; lobby national government and parliament, conduct media activity and campaigns and occasional strategic legal interventions.

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